LHS Theatre Presents

LeRoy Jr/Sr High

This comedy murder mystery doesn’t take itself too seriously, even as dearly departed Aunt Agatha’s nieces and nephews have gathered at her mansion to hear the reading of her will. 

The relatives are a varied lot — the formerly rich VanVleets, the nerdy Earls, the hillbilly McSwines, a B-movie starlet, and sweet Rose Bloom from the other side of the family.  Also present are two cons pretending to be twin sister housemaids, even though one has a French accent and the other a German one.  (We should mention that one is also clearly a guy.) 

As the lawyer begins, there’s more greed than grief permeating the room, which perhaps is why Aunt Agatha stipulated that anyone wanting a share of her money must first survive the night in her house.  Too bad she forgot to mention there would be ghosts!  Singing, dancing ghosts, in fact!  But as one family member after another is murdered throughout the night, this almost begins to feel more like an Agatha Christie mystery!  Luckily, Detective Sam Club arrives to help find the killer, and he certainly doesn’t believe in ghosts. 

This story is part mystery, part ghost story, but mainly, all comedy!

(snyopsis from www.pioneerdrama.com)

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