The Little Free Library

 The Little Free Library is located at 410 Samuel Drive and is a part of an international movement.  

The library is composed of different boxes and book selections. The smallest box is full of children books, the middle box is full of young adult and teenage books while the tallest box is for adult readers

Book selection varies.  People can donate books directly in the library. Facebook is used to list some of the new books rotated into the library.  The library is also signed up with Bookcrossing which is an experimental way to see where books may end up.  It’s also another way to let people know what’s available in the library.

There are also three different kindles to borrow as well. The content of each kindle is separated by age and subject. There is a kindle full of non-fiction, another one full of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Another kindle with children’s books, tween, young adult.

There is a second Little Free Library located at 313 Marsh Hawk Dr.  This mainly holds children's books but includes few teen and adult selections.



The J.T. and E.J, Crumbaugh Memorial Public Library

The J.T. & E.J. Crumbaugh Memorial Library offers a wide variety of books, fiction and non-fiction,  and a number of popular magazines appealing to all age groups.  We have approximately 14,000 volumes.  Because we are an endowed library, anyone in the area can obtain a FREE library card.  Materials can be checked out for two weeks at a time and can be returned at our front desk or our convenient 24 hour book drop located by the front door of our building.    

To learn more about everything this library has to offer check out the website.