Projected Street Work

See the map for the current plan of street work this week.

Please note weather directly impacts street work and may cause changes in the schedule.

Roadwork for September 2022

Roadwork for September 2022

*** UPDATE ***

The sealant coat application will finish Friday 9/16/22  for the west side of the map (sections 5-6).


Oil and chip resurfacing will start approximately Sept 7, 2022 on the highlighted streets.

Beginning tomorrow Sept 9, 2022 a sealant coat will be put over the same roads to elimate dust.  Please avoid driving on the surface until it's dry -  approximately 15 to 90 minutes depending on the weather.

See map for affected streets and the order of seal coat.  

Questions or concerns should be directed to:
City Hall at 309-962-3031 or Street Superintendent Dan Lush at 309-838-6031

Thank you for your cooperation!


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