Permit & License Applications

Solicitation-Peddler-Hawker License

To be completed at City Hall. Please bring photo ID for each member of group, license plate number for vehicle, and cash or check for fee -- $5 per day per group.

Building Permit

Building permit for all building from fence to new construction.

Demolition Derby Car Permit

Permit for open storage of vehicle used for or prepared for demolition derby use. Permit requires list of events to be attended during the season. File includes all rules and regulations.

Golf Cart & Other Non-Highway Vehicles Permit

Permit to drive a golf cart or other non-highway vehicle on Le Roy city streets. File also includes inspection checklist and all regulations pertaining to golf carts & other non-highway vehicles.

Special Sewer Calculation Program

Filling a large pool? Watering a new lawn? Special Sewer Caluclation Program puts a maximum on the sewer charges for usage April 10 thru Oct 10 - the June thru November billing cycles. Form and fee needs to be returned to City Hall to enroll annually.

Other Permits

All other City permits including Swimming Pool regulations, Electrical Permit, Demolition Permit, Sewer Permit, Water Permit, and more can be found under Building & Zoning.

Vacant Building Registration

Registration for all vacant buildings. If you have questions please contact building and zoning at 309-962-3031.