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The Le Roy water treatment plant has a 1 million gallon a day capacity.  The plant is an iron removal system with (aeration/ Multimedia w/Greensand  Pressure Filter Filtration).  The plant draws ground water from three wells, which are fed into an aerator to remove hydrogen sulfide, methane, and oxidize iron.  Chlorine and Sodium Permanganate are currently added to help oxidize arsenic.  The water is then passed through Multimedia w/Greensand  Pressure Filter Filtration  to remove iron and arsenic.  These filters backwash every 65,000 gallons to remove all build up of solids.  The filtered water is finally softened and then treated again with chlorine and fluoride before being passed to the finished water storage tank and pumped out into the distribution system. 

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Water Treatment Flow

Sewer Department

The City of Le Roy provides sewage treatment through a lagoon system. The city currently has a combined waste and stormwater system. The City is currently working on a Illinois EPA mandated Long Term Control Plan or LTCP.  The purpose of the LTCP is to reduce Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) to four (4) or less per year.  The City's LTCP method is to complete the seperation of the sanitary and storm sewer throughout the City.  By completing this process, the hydraulic capacity of the City's sewage treatment plant will be increased.  This will prolong the life of the existing plant.  As of October, 2007, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) and the City are still working on the final LTCP. As enhancements are made, the City has been separating the two systems. The 5-10 year plan calls for upgrades to the existing plant to accommodate increased flow and demands placed on the system by an ever increasing population. The existing system has 1.2 million in excess capacity.

If you have a home in Le Roy built prior to 1979, you (more than likely) have a septic tank.  City of Le Roy Ordinances make the homeowner responsible for any and all problems associated with the tank and the entire service line all the way to the main. If you develop any problem with your sewer service, you can contact the City to troubleshoot the problem.  The City can determine if the problem is related to City mains (City responsibility) or your private service line (owner responsibility).  To talk to a City representative, call (309) 962-3031.  A time can be scheduled to have a City representative meet with you.


Service Changes and Billing Questions should be directed to City Hall at (309) 962-3031.

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