All Day
Various Locations

Beginning Monday 5/22 ALL hydrants in the city will be flushed.

This process will take several days.  Residents may experience a temporary decrease in water pressure.

A tentative schedule is below.

Hydrant Flushing Program Frequently Asked Questions

Friday 6/9 - rest of Falcon Ridge subdivision, dog park hydrant, water treatment plant hydrant

Thursday 6/8 - Mockingbird & Oriole, Salt Creek & Cardinal, Fox Run, Falcon Ridge Drive, Harrier Dr, Ospry Way, Prairie Falcon, 

Wednesday 6/7 - Golden Eagle Subdivision

Tuesday 6/6 - between Bicentennial and Samuel Dr, Morningside Dr, Countryside Dr

Monday 6/5 - Persimmon, Burcham Ave, S. East St

Friday 6/2 - Between Washington St and Cherry St between Hemlock St and West St, Maple St by Bradlee Park Apts, area around Love's truck stop

Thursday 6/1 - Staley subdivision, Elementary school, Meadow Lane, between School St. and Elm St. between Hemlock St and White St

Wednesday 5/31 - Crestview Ct, Supreme Ct, corner Wayne St & East St, Washington St between East St & Grandview, Wilson Ave, Carol Ave, Grandview Drive, Jodi Ave

Tuesday 5/30 - Cherry St and Wilson including both dead ends; between Wayne St and Washington St between White St and Chestnut St;  Crestview Ct; Supreme Ct.

Friday 5/26 - between Vine St and Center St, between East St and Gilmore Ave

Thursday 5/25 - Between Walnut & Wilson, between North St & Oak St.

Wednesday 5/24 - Sunnnyside, Sunset Drive from Hemlock to Chestnut, Chestnut St from Vine to Oak St

Tuesday 5/23 - the area between Pine & Vine between Main and Hemlock

Monday 5/22 - Center Street between East & Chestnut, Pine Street between Main & East

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