Water Plant update

March 2021

While the City of Le Roy Water Treatment Plant goes through all of the changes to eventually improve the quality of the water the city will occasionally experience issues with the color, taste and smell. The City is diligently testing the water to insure that it continues to be safe for consumption and use. We plan that this will not become an issue but if it should, The City will issue advisories for its residents. The City appreciates the patience and understanding of all it's residents as we transition through these processes.

The softer media has been changed and should provide some improvement to water quality .

Bids for the filter replacement project are being collected and Council is expected to approve a bid at the April 4th meeting.  The project should be underway by early summer.


August 2020

The City has received many comments and inquiries about the current water conditions.

As you know, the City is in the process of updating the water filtration system from an outdated microfiltration system to a sand filtration system, which is slated for installation in Winter 2020. Our Water Department staff have been working around the clock to keep our current system functioning, which includes weekly sample testing from our wells and strict compliance with IEPA standards.

Many have noticed an odor and a red or pink tint to the water - this is from excess iron that the current system is unable to filter out. While this may be less than pleasing to the eye or nose, the iron does not present any health or safety concerns.

As always, we are happy to provide updates to the community and welcome questions and information about any issues observed. Please feel free to call City Hall at (309)962-3031 about this or any other concerns